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What Is Coaching?

Executive coaching. You have experience. You have good instinct. You face challenges. Who can you trust to talk through issues with you? Coaching isn't about telling you what to do — your talents and abilities have led to your success. Coaching is about support, helping you leverage your strengths to create a better business. Your goals might Include launching a new initiative, implementing change, making a transition, achieving work-life balance, or building commitment and alignment in your leadership team. You may also have some blind spots that are slowing you down. Do you sometimes say the wrong things in meetings or have difficulty getting your ideas out to the right people? Are you sometimes at a loss how to motivate people to work their best? Do you need a sounding board for some ideas that are too sensitive to discuss with others in your organization? We offer you a confidential sounding board, accelerated goal achievement, targeted efforts, staying on track, and support for a specific action plan tied specifically to your performance goals.

Team Coaching. Your company’s bottom line relies heavily on teamwork. Each team has to produce quality results on or ahead of schedule. 

  • Do your teams produce the results you need?
  • Do they have struggles communicating?
  • Are there conflicts? Turf issues?
  • Do they act as if they are in individual competition rather than as a winning team?
  • Do they work well with other teams when needed?

High performing teams operate with explicit and clear parameters.  They communicate and handle conflict well. They have productive meetings and do what it takes as a team to get results. 

If you want your teams to work for you, call us. We can work with teams through education and follow up coaching to ensure lasting results.

Emerging Businesses Coaching Group

Have a new or young business? Get help making it a success! This is a 16-session coaching tele-group limited to ten participants at a time.

Tuesdays 7:00-8:00 p.m. MST beginning 15 May 2007

Cost: $396, may be paid in four installments of $99.

You are responsible for any long-distance charges.

How It’s Done

Personal and executive coaching takes place over the phone, typically in 30 minute sessions, three times per month. During the week, e-mail support is provided as needed. There will be an assessment in the early sessions, whether through interview, standardized tools, or both. The purpose of the assessment is to help you clearly identify your strengths and opportunities for development. This will enable you to form clear goals and action plans to start moving forward immediately.


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