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About Us

Beth Zeiger, Ph.D. is a certified professional coach with over a decade of experience in leadership and helping individuals attain their goals. More recently, she served as an organizational consultant for a 24,000 member industrial organization. Her background in psychology contributes to her ability to help people bring out their best. A firm believer that it is people who make or break an organization, Beth has helped senior leaders through executive coaching, strategic planning, and as an advisor on issues affecting the workforce, such as diversity, team enhancement, improved communication, reducing stress to improve performance, and leadership effectiveness.


Kim Bernal-Smith, LISW, BCD is a certified professional coach with 18 years of leadership and advocacy experience. Her expertise is helping people achieve their potential through empowerment, despite challenging or difficult circumstances. It's her strong belief that each individual has what it takes to succeed and that with an ally and working partner there are no limitations. A Board Certified Diplomate in Social Work, Kim leverages her understanding of people to assist individuals in rapidly moving forward on their goals. As a consultant to leadership, she has helped smooth the way for better relationships and more effectively functioning teams.


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